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Please Note: BBST is a Registered Trademark of Kaner, Fiedler & Associates.

We’ve organized the materials into self-contained sections. Click on the tabs to navigate from section to section.

  • The first sections correspond to the BBST ® course series: professional development courses taught by the Association for Software Testing, by Kaner, Fiedler & Associates, and by other professional development trainers. For example, the Foundations tab takes you to materials used in the BBST-Foundations course. We also use these materials in graduate and undergraduate university courses.
  • The later sections are currently used only in academic courses. We are gradually upgrading these into their own standalone courses.
  • We frequently update the course materials. The named directories (“Foundations”, “Bug Advocacy”, etc.) will be stable. However, we will replace files in these directories, sometimes with files that have different names. NOTE: We will probably move some topics out of “Additional” into dedicated folders.

We are also developing instructor-support materials, provided under the Instructors Course tab. Normally, someone who wants to teach one of these courses would take the course and then take instructor training:

  • We’ve designed some materials to support self-study and self-training. This will probably be the preferred option for informal study groups who want to train themselves in software testing.
  • The Association for Software Testing supervises instructors-in-training. To certify you as an instructor, AST currently requires you to successfully complete the course, then teach it under supervision several times and complete the instructor’s course.
  • Kaner, Fiedler & Associates will customize instructor training for organizations that want to train a large number of staff and sustain that training with their own trainers. Please contact us at BBST-at-kaner-dot-com.
  • Within , subject to time availability, Kaner and Fiedler are glad to provide free help to teachers at nonprofit colleges and universities.

Commercial instructors, companies that want to use these materials in-house, and for-profit universities are welcome to use our slides and videos subject to the usual restrictions of an Creative Commons Attribution license: You must explicitly acknowledge us as the authors and copyright-holders of every slide of ours that you use. There is no charge to use the materials. However, if you want my help or the help of my collaborators or students, we will have to charge a consulting fee.

Your suggestions and bug reports are very welcome. Please contact us at BBST-at-kaner-dot-com.